New bleed kits have been introduced in Coventry as the city centre works towards securing a major safety accreditation.

Coventry Business Improvement District (BID) together with Coventry City Council and other partners are aiming to secure Purple Flag status for the city, which is an international accreditation programme and recognises city centres that offer an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable night out.

As part of the drive for the accreditation, the BID has introduced new bleed control kits for businesses to access. The kits will mean businesses in the city centre are able to act quickly in an emergency while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

Five new small kits, which include equipment such as tourniquets, bandages and gels, have been donated by Coventry University to Coventry Business Improvement District (BID), with the BID also purchasing a large kit.

The precautionary kits have been introduced following a joint educational initiative between Coventry BID and staff at the university to educate students about staying safe on a night out.

Coventry BID’s security team visited the university campus to speak with students before embarking on a daytime safety walk together through the city centre.

More than 90 students took part in the task. They were given a map of the city centre and asked to visit businesses around the city centre to collect top tips on staying safe.

The donation brings the total number of bleed kits distributed in the city centre to 25.

Coventry BID has been operating in the city centre for 20 years and was voted in by levy paying businesses for its fifth five-year term earlier this year.

It has introduced a range of safety measures across the city centre in recent months, with major campaigns to help shoppers and visitors to bars and restaurants feel safe and secure.

Coventry BID manager Joanne Glover said: “Safety and security of visitors to the city centre is our absolute priority. Coventry is not unlike any other city, this isn’t a localised issue, however there are times when it is vital that we are able to react quickly.

“Having these precautionary measures in place is important as we continue to make positive progress towards securing the Purple Flag safety accreditation.

“Businesses and visitors to the city will be able to quickly access the kits if required, either by contacting the BID or calling the police who will be able to direct to the nearest kit.

 “We’re proud to be working with Coventry University on the night time economy safety initiative and we are committed to educating, informing and safeguarding students.”

Dr Gillian Cressey, curriculum lead for crime and forensics at Coventry University, said: “Coventry BID in collaboration with West Midlands Police do great work to keep Coventry residents and students safe during the night time economy.

“The BID came in to speak with our students during Welcome Week and we hope to continue working closely with them as part of our duty of care to students.

“The safety walk was a huge success and the feedback from students was great. The final year students acted as guides and it was a great way to help the students explore the city centre.”

Cllr Abdul Salam Khan, Deputy Leader at Coventry City Council, added: “This is a really positive step. Coventry city centre has a lot to offer visitors, and we want people to have a great time visiting in the day or during the evening.  It’s an excellent example of the work of partners.”

Neighbourhood Inspector Simon Finney said: “Having these bleed kits available in the city centre could mean the difference between life and death to someone.

“While we of course hope we never have to use them, they should act as a reassurance to local people that if the worst happens, we and other emergency services can respond as quickly as possible to save a life.”