As Coventry’s Telegraph Hotel approaches its third birthday in May, its team is celebrating
an incredible success story.

The four-star boutique hotel in the city centre has sold more than 82,000 room nights and
the hotel regularly has a waiting list for rooms, such is its popularity.

The hotel is themed around the Mid-Century design of the former Telegraph offices, which
were completed in 1959 as part of Coventry’s post-war reconstruction. The hotel has
retained the building’s many features and added original 1950s furniture and new artwork
that celebrates the period when Coventry led the world in urban design.

General Manager Amy Windsor said that the attention given to the detail of the design is a
huge part of the success story.

She said: “Feedback from guests is that they really love the design of the building and it
keeps them coming back.

“To younger people, Mid-Century design is now uber-cool, and to the older ones, I expect it
reminds them of the houses they grew up in.

“People certainly feel very much at home here. Whilst most new hotels are all the same,
with a few bolt-on local ‘artefacts’, The Telegraph is already a classic. Staying here is seen as
something special.”

The hotel which now employs up to 80 staff, has been host to 20 weddings so far, as well as
many business conferences. The glass roofed restaurant provides a mix of fine dining and
home-cooked favourites with over 5,000 fish & chip dinners served. Meanwhile in the bar
the Lady Godiva and Covmopolitan cocktails are the most popular.

Amy added: “People come from all over the world and they also come from just down the
road. You could walk into the restaurant on any day of the week and you could meet
somebody from the Far East, France or Foleshill.

“We have a wonderful team who put the customer first every step of the way and, it
wouldn’t be the hospitality industry, if we didn’t have to accommodate some unusual
requests. I’ve been asked if we can ensure we provide someone with a room without the
colour yellow anywhere in it right through to a diner who wanted to face north when sitting
in the restaurant!

“The team works so hard to make sure each guest feels special – whether they are just
popping in for a coffee or if they are holding their wedding with us. We faced so many
challenges when we opened during covid, but the team have given their all to make our first
three years such a success.”