Best Bar None

Coventry BID’s Best Bar None Scheme

Coventry BID, in collaboration with Coventry Police, Coventry City Council Licensing, and Coventry City PubWatch, proudly announced the launch of the Best Bar None (BBN) scheme in Coventry back in 2021. This exciting initiative aims to recognise and reward well-run alcohol-licensed premises, setting a new standard for excellence in Coventry’s nightlife scene. Licensed establishments can now apply for accreditation, paving the way for a safer, more enjoyable experience for patrons and greater collaboration among city partners.

What is Best Bar None?

Best Bar None is a nationally recognised, voluntary assessment and accreditation scheme designed to uphold and celebrate the highest standards of practice in the licensed trade. The scheme operates on a set of national best practices, promoting excellence in licensed premises while enhancing the overall safety and enjoyment of patrons. Since its inception in Manchester in 2003, BBN has grown to encompass numerous towns and cities across England, Scotland, Wales, and international locations, boasting over 40 active schemes in England alone. Supported by the Home Office and industry trade bodies, BBN aims to recognise and reward licensees who prioritise safety, responsibility, and operational excellence.

The Benefits for Licensees

During the Assessment Process

Staff Development: BBN offers a unique opportunity for staff to expand their skills and knowledge, contributing to personal and professional growth.

Operational Confidence: Licensees can rest assured that they are adhering to nationally recognised standards of excellence, bolstering their operational confidence.

Community Building: BBN fosters positive relationships between businesses, local authorities, and the police, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable social environment.

Benchmark for Excellence: The scheme establishes a benchmark for best practices, promoting excellence and innovation in the industry.

Resourceful Insights: Participating licensees gain access to valuable resources and ideas to enhance their operations, using free tools and materials to implement improvements.

After Accreditation

National Recognition: Accreditation bestows a nationally recognised, independent award, affirming that the venue is a safe and welcoming destination for visitors.

Business Promotion: Accredited venues have the opportunity to elevate their business profile as a secure and enjoyable place for a night out.

Community Safety: BBN supports city-wide efforts to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, contributing to a safer community.

High-Profile Promotion: Accredited venues gain additional exposure through participation in a high-profile marketing campaign. Promotional materials will be distributed throughout Coventry, including to local universities, further boosting visibility.

The Best Bar None scheme in Coventry is a testament to our commitment to excellence, safety, and collaboration. We invite all licensed establishments in Coventry to join us on this journey toward a safer, more vibrant nightlife. Together, we can elevate Coventry’s reputation as a welcoming and secure destination for all.

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